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:: Schaua ::

Schaua - Miga

- Musician.
- Would like to make music like console, fink, björk, beastie boys, element of crime or die sterne.
- Produces music that could be categorized as drum´n´bass, hiphop, electro, schranz or experimental.
- Is always surprised how his music sounds in the end.
- Likes to do live concerts, even if he doesn´t know why.
- Would like to see a "real" studio from the inside together with björk or martin gretschmann
- Would like to use these stereotypes in an interview while sitting in a big leather chair:
"I am mixing a lot of different music styles in my music"
"my last album is completely different to the first one, but the old fans will like it as well"
"I am inspired by many things - for example yesterday i went down the street and ((WOW))"
- Plays bass-guitar, guitar, trombone and synthesizer, but uses most of the times the software buzz
- Does music on the computer since 1998 and on gameboy since 2003.
- Is member of the gameboymusicclub, a loose collective of musician producing music on a gameboy with a monthly club in the Viennese venue rhiz and member of the dot.matrix with stereo sound, a gameboy band.
- Founded the musikarbeiterkapelle, a brass band with marching abilities
- Is one of the two members of laserschaua
- Publishs mostly at www.laridae.at
- contact: dieteruntermieter(aet)lycos.com

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