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:: Rob Loren ::

Rob Loren  - Miga36

Artist multimedia, professor and audio-visual creator in Oviedo. As a freelance creative, collaborating with different studios in graphic design, Rob Loren also performs as a VJ in some of the most important festivals in Spain.

Producing visual works for events, he also works in gallery spaces and other places where creative possibilities interconnect images, movement and music. His aesthetic investigation began in 1990, and he has dedicated his career to artistic creation, first as a VJ in clubs, and recently as a producer of spots, videoclips, audio-visual pieces.

Recieving a scholarship by Cajastur to produce a traveling exhibition he also held a retrospective in the Center of Culture Iinstituto de Gijón and collective exhibitions in the Vertice room of Oviedo and Espacio I eliminate of Gijón.

Universal Studios have acquired the rights of some of his visual pieces like “Numerica Dance” and this year he participated in diverse events and festivales like: BilbaoLive, Electrical, Ovitechno, Aquasella, Citizens in network, Albeniz, Black Week, and his work has been recognized by DjMag, in books about VJ Culture and other publications.

His personal project is to organize the video festival Visiónica in Oviedo.

robloren.net || myspace.com/robloren

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