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:: Lasik ::

Lasik  - Miga36

Valentin Corujo started as dj back in 1994, playing as resident dj in small clubs in Asturias, Spain, to 1999 when he decided to start producing and form the techno project Exium with his friend Héctor Sandoval.

Under this name he has recorded for the music label Zet, Equator, Numb, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm and other top labels in Spain (Tsunami, Warm Up, Main Out, Rxxistance, Recycled Sound). The quality of Exium´s productions have led to their collaborations with first-class artists like Oscar Mulero, Fanon Flowers, Christian Wünsch. These collaborations as well as their own can be heard frequently during the sets of today´s most popular djs, and their tracks have appeared on the charts of artists like Surgeon, Christian Wünsch, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Cari Lekebusch, Gayle San, Angel Molina, Takaaki Itoh, Damon Wild, Inigo Kennedy, Pacou.

During the entire year of 2001 he was the resident dj of the club Rocamar in Gijon, one of the most popular tech-house clubs in the north of Spain. He has performed in various festivals and clubs like Florida135, Phonotica 2000 and 2002, Lev Festival, Technological 04, La Real, Aquasella, Scsi, One, Traffic (Amsterdam), Awakenings (Rotterdam), Mental Evolution (Utrecht), Detatched (Leeds), Shotgun Festival (Czech Republic), Locked (Manchester), Octopus, Orosco, Aixa Galiana, Fabrik, Family, Yasta, Mattrix, Groove, Zeus, Le Club, Lovejoy, Loft.co, El Albeniz, Space, El JardÌn, La Terrrazza or Danzatoria. He has shared performance rosters with the best of house and techno music worldwide, and during 2003 he was part of the Warm Up Tour with Oscar Mulero.

He created his first label in 2001, again with Hector Sandova,. Kabarett Recordings focused on house and techno house styles, recorded under the name of Corujo&Sandoval. Its first releases generated rave reviews and earned the duo opportunities to release on other labels, including Nocturnal Noize (U.S.A) and New Era (Great Britain). Among Valentin´s most recent projects is the creation of his own label, Nheoma, where Exium will be able to continue to add shape and definition to Exium´s style that has made them one of the best and most powerful techno live acts in Spain.

Valentin´s music has naturally evolved from a minimalist sound to their current style mixing electrohouse, electro, minimal and techno, which has lead to the creation of his new proyect Lasik and his own label Suspiria.


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